Menu Monday

Happy Monday! This week is a crazy one for Ryan and me, so that means I am planning on keeping our meals as simple as possible. Hope these meal ideas give you some good dinner inspiration for your week!

MONDAY – Spaghetti served with sautéed zucchini — I love swapping ground turkey for ground beef in our sauce.

TUESDAYOven Chicken Fajitas — These do take about 40ish minutes to cook in the oven, but they reheat really well which works well for our crazy schedule this week! I like to make my own fajita seasoning (recipe here).

WEDNESDAYAsian Sesame Chicken served with sautéed veggies and rice

THURSDAYChicken, Green Beans, and Potatoes — This recipe calls for a lot of butter, but I like to use only 2-3 tbsp or so.

FRIDAY – Chicken wraps served with fruit — This recipe for shredded chicken works for so many different meals! Chicken wraps are a go-to when we need something quick and easy. Fill your wrap with shredded chicken and top with your favorite toppings (lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, avocados, BBQ sauce, etc.); it’s that simple!

Happy Cooking 🙂

Menu Monday

Struggling to come up with ideas for dinner this week? I’m right there with you! Even though I love to plan out my meals for the week, I still have those days when I don’t feel like meal planning. Today was definitely one of those days.

I hope my menu for this week can help make your week a little easier 🙂

MONDAY – Trader Joe’s Turkey Corn Dogs served with mac & cheese (this brand is our favorite!) and green beans — My parents came up for a visit this past weekend which made for a busy but FUN couple of days. After a busy weekend, simplicity is key for me.

TUESDAY – BBQ Pulled Chicken served with sweet potatoes and green beans — **NEW recipe for us this week. I am excited to try out this all purpose slow cooker chicken recipe to use for future meals as well! I am planning on just topping the shredded chicken with our favorite BBQ sauce to keep this meal quick and simple.

WEDNESDAYKorean Ground Beef served with vegetables and rice — **NEW recipe for us this week! One of my good friends sent me this recipe and I am so excited to give it a try. The vegetables I’m planning on using are zucchini, edamame, bok choy (if I can find it), red pepper, and carrot.

THURSDAYBroccoli Cheddar Chicken Pasta with zucchini and yellow squash — If you have been following along for any length of time you will notice that this recipe pops up frequently in my menu. This is one of our favorites and reheats so well for lunch the next day!

FRIDAYSlow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls — Once again, this is another staple meal in our house… So. Good.

Happy Cooking 🙂

NYC Favorites

It can be so easy for me to let myself get caught up with the negative aspects of big city living. But when I take a step back, I realize that there are so many things I have the opportunity and privilege to enjoy! It usually doesn’t take me too long to come up with a list of the things I truly enjoy about city life. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites from NYC so far. There is always so much more to explore, and I can’t wait to keep finding new things I love.

My Favorite Bakery: Taking a trip to Martha’s Country Bakery is a must when family and friends come to visit. We have had many opportunities to try the many different varieties of baked goods that Martha’s sells, and it is pretty safe to say that there isn’t a bad option. If I’m being honest, living within walking distance to Martha’s may have played a big part in choosing our apartment location. 😉

My Favorite Latte: Ryan and I love to visit new coffee shops, and living in NYC gives you so many options to choose from. Stumptown Coffee Roasters has the best latte hands down. I have had my fair share of lattes, and nothing has been able to top Stumptown’s latte.

My Favorite Broadway Show: Another amazing benefit of living in NYC is the entertainment options available. We jump at any chance we get to go to a Broadway show and have taken advantage of the Broadway week two-for-one deal multiple times. (If you are unsure of what Broadway week is, read all about it here!) The first Broadway show we went to after moving to the city was Wicked, and it is easily our favorite show that we have seen. A visit from our friends was what prompted this outing, and we are so glad we were able to experience this incredible show with them!

My Favorite Time of Year: Christmastime in NYC is as beautiful and magical as it seems on TV and in the movies. Ryan and I moved to NYC really close to the holiday season, and I was having an especially hard time adjusting to city life. I will never forget our first night that we spent walking down 5th Avenue looking at the shop windows and taking in the spectacular Christmas trees set up all over Midtown Manhattan. Experiencing Christmastime in NYC helped me to see that living in the city could be enjoyable and fun.

My Favorite Spot to Take Friends & Family: We have had many visitors come and stay with us during the almost 2 years that we have lived in NYC. We love being able to share our little home with friends and family that want to see the city while helping them save a little money, because trips to NYC aren’t necessarily the cheapest. When the weather permits, we love to take visitors to Central Park, specifically the Bethesda Fountain. Another favorite spot is Grand Central Station. Between the stunning architecture and crowds of people, there is always more than enough to see no matter what time of year you visit!

My Favorite Take-out Restaurant: Although I try to cook the majority of our meals at home, there will inevitably be a time when you just need to order out. Finding a good take-out place close to our apartment was definitely a priority. Thanks to a visit from my parents, we found Bellerose Famous Pizza pretty quickly after moving to NYC. Seriously, everything we have had there is good, but our favorites have to be the create your own pasta, chicken shawarma pita, and lamb gyro. (Unfortunately we are not huge New York style pizza fans, but their pizza is the best we have had in the city!)

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but I just wanted to give you a sample of some of the things I have come to enjoy since moving to NYC. Each new experience continues to make me more and more excited for what is next. Living in the city can be hard, but if you can allow yourself to stop focusing on the negative, you may just find that there is more to enjoy than you once thought.


Menu Monday

Need some dinner ideas for this week? Take some inspiration from my menu for the week!

MONDAY – Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, and sweet potatoes. — We love eating breakfast for dinner! It is my go-to when I need something quick, easy, and delicious.

TUESDAYSlow Cooker Asian Turkey Meatballs served with rice and sauteed vegetables

WEDNESDAYMeatball subs served with sweet potatoes and green beans

THURSDAYSlow Cooker Chicken Gyros — This recipe is so simple to make and tastes delicious! Serve this chicken on a pita with toppings like cucumber, red onion, and tomato or on a salad.

FRIDAYRoasted Chicken and Veggies — To help speed up the prep time needed for this recipe, chop the veggies and chicken the night before. With everything chopped, this comes together in a flash. This recipe pairs well with a baked potato, sweet potato, rice, etc.

Happy Cooking 🙂