A Hidden Gem

A few weeks ago Ryan and I decided to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Roosevelt Island. I have mentioned Roosevelt Island in a previous post, but I wanted to take some time to explain a little more about why we find ourselves going back there again and again.

  1. Peace and Quiet — This is probably the biggest draw of the island for us. Roosevelt Island is located in such a unique spot where you can see the city, but you are far enough away not to be bothered by the noise. It is a great option when you need a few hours to escape from the craziness of city life, but you don’t want to have to travel too far.
  2. Walking Trails and Open Green Space — Roosevelt Island offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature from the riverside walk (our personal favorite) to Four Freedoms Park located at the southern tip of the Island and many other options scattered throughout the island. You can actually walk around the whole island, but it requires a lot of steps so be prepared!
  3. Beautiful Landscape — Ryan and I have been to Roosevelt Island in the spring and the summer, and the landscape is always beautiful. I am sure this little island is beautiful year round and hope we have the chance to explore the island during the fall and winter at some point.
  4. Public Restrooms and Water Fountains — One of the first things that Ryan and I quickly picked up on after moving to NYC was to take note of where good public restrooms are located. I cannot tell you how much stress is relieved when you know there is a place to fill up your water bottle and go to the restroom if needed!
  5. Roosevelt Island Tram — This is a unique (and inexpensive) transportation option for getting on and off the island. There is a subway stop on the island, but we love to take the subway into Manhattan just so we can take the tram to the island. (A free transfer is available with your metro card to take the tram to the island! However, if you haven’t ridden the subway yet that day, the fare to get on the island is only the cost of a subway ride.) If you are looking for stunning NYC skyline views, be sure to take the tram from Roosevelt Island back into Manhattan. 😉

Have I convinced you yet to go and visit Roosevelt Island? Who knows, you may run into us there 😉



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